Approach to empowerment

NM & Associates Planners and Designers are:

  • 90% female owned
  • 70% black owned
  • 70% female staffed
  • 50% black staffed

The company offers the following to address the imbalances of the past in South Africa.

  • Assistance and mentor-ship to planning and design students
  • Development and project management advice to emerging consultants entering the development market for the first time
  • Development facilitation to deprived communities at low cost
  • Planning advice to persons developing centres for healing women, men and children and the disabled
  • In-service training to students
  • Career advancement sponsorship
  • Supporting Development Processes that would advance, empower and provide confidence to persons put down in the past
  • Community Development assistance to deprived communities, organizations and persons promoting holism in society
  • The company engages and encourages relationships with companies and individuals that have a changing consciousness and do not only pay lip service to change in a democratic South Africa. NM & Associates do not knowingly associate with companies and/or individuals who do not subscribe to the ethics of honesty, integrity, equality and transparency whether these are persons of colour or not.
  • The company is willing to associate with any persons and/or companies who subscribe to the same ethics and principles as NM & Associates.