About us

NM & Associates team

The practice is built around a team of committed and dedicated people with experience in planning, urban design and architecture. The practise, representing all three disciplines, works in an integrated manner and prides itself on being able to work through the scales from the macro to the micro, the architectural detail to the regional network. Projects in the office are seldom undertaken without all three disciplines being involved in some way.

All projects take into account the interrelatedness of cultural, economic, environmental, infrastructural, social and spatial systems. The team is committed to understanding patterns through the scales and complex interrelated systems on the ground. The outcomes of the investigations and enquiries inform our work and result in richer and more sustainable project solutions.

We see every project as an opportunity to contribute to the transformation of South African settlements through the reshaping of the public spatial realm. Whether a brief to design a building or a request to plan an industrial precinct, there is always commitment to the public realm and especially the most vulnerable users of our streets and public spaces. The practise is also committed to the ongoing production and sharing of knowledge gained through practical experience and observations in the field.  This keeps the practise current and allows the team to reflect on their actions within an ever changing context.

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